Klassikkoyhdistelmä: Sarpaneva Steel + Kivi -kynttilälyhdyt

Sarpaneva Steel -teräsvati ja Iittalan Kivi -kynttilälyhdyt muodostavat ajattoman klassikkoyhdistelmän. Minun 32cm teräsvatiani somistavat kirkas, harmaa ja ruusuoliivin värinen kynttilälyhty.

Sarpaneva Steel - Timo Sarpaneva 1971
The Sarpaneva Steel is a design icon from 1971. With the Sarpaneva Steel plate, you decide its use, at the dinner table as an underplate, as a tray for fruit, champagne glasses or candles or as an interior design statement. Its timeless design and different sizes make this versatile plate endlessly appealing.

Kivi -Heikki Orvola 1988
These small, colourful jewels of light are the creations of Iittala's thorough knowledge of glass. The colors and thickness of the glass enriches the glow as it multiplies the flickers of the flame. The wide range of colours to choose from lets you create a personal combination for every season and occasion of the year.

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